Industrial Accommodation and Site Offices

With the combined skill set of our factory and on-site installers, we can supply large scale site accommodation, canteens, offices and production facilities.

Providing an environment for the residential provision of staff or families. They are ideal for the agricultural, equine and horticultural industries in Eco form and can meet the needs for temporary homeless, while full spec accommodation is being built. Offering two build types depending on client requirements.

Eco Modules for key workers

Our Eco modules are made with 100mm PIR galvanised steel sandwich panels, with double glazed windows and made in our factory. Bolted together at the client’s site, (covering plate on the inner wall is used to cover the pillar joints), with only minimal on-site details to get ready for occupation, they are an ideal economic solution to affordable housing requirements. All Eco modules are timber clad, with rainscreen available as an extra.

◼ Fit Out

  • Fitted out with a bathroom including toilet shower (plus shower curtain), towel radiator and sink, the units come with a basic kitchen with sink, in line hot water and an extractor. There is space for the electric or lpg oven and fridge freezer.
  • Internal walls are powder coated smooth steel panels (the panels prevent a cold bridge). They can be glass-fibre wall papered and then painted.
  • The heating is from oil convector radiators.
  • The units can be up specified with more kitchen cupboards, a shower cubicle and a built-in oven and hob.
  • The Eco modules can be terraced to form a housing block. The Eco accommodation units are not BOPAS accredited. They are designed to have a flat roof to make them look less residential and would expect them to have a lower planning threshold as they are seen a temporary structure – even if only for 50 weeks per year use (dependent of local authority planning policy).
  • The accredited 5mm galvanised rolled steel units are client led in design. They can be designed as an individual accommodation unit or as a multi-occupancy unit.

◼ Standard Specification

  • For the individual unit they can be offered up to 6 metres wide and 12 metres long. Offering Thermowood cladding for a 30 years life or aluminium framed brick slips for aesthetic blending, the modules can come with foil wrapped Upvc or aluminium windows.
  • They are built to a 0.15U value, comprising of PIR panels and Rockwool RW45 slab insulation, with a secondary insulated floor.
  • Either flat roofed or pitched, the units can be stacked to three storeys high.
  • The accommodation can be built with either electric oil convector heaters or with a Joules Aero air source heating cylinder.
  • The fit out is completed to client requirements.

For the multi-occupancy units, architect designs are followed. Single bedroom facilities with either en-suite or communal facilities along with separate lounge and kitchen / dining are available.

Based on client requirements, these complexes comprise of multiple modules to create facilities whether for the agricultural, construction, equine, or horticultural industries.

Starting with our basic self-contained single person accommodation, right up to large scale camps, the modules are bespoke in design.

Able to be stacked two high, they can be joined together to create large open areas. The units can be fitted out with additional equipment to create, kitchens, dining halls, laundry rooms, drying rooms, or even treatment centres.

Option for either ISO or flat packed modules as well as our erected modules.

Large Scale Office, stores and accommodation camps

Large scale camps, built to customer requirements, the factory having built for oil majors, mining companies, refugee facilities, construction clients as well as defence customers.

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