Office and Storage Provision

Insulated Office and Storage Modules, Glass Kiosks and Franchise Booths

◼ There are two types of office and storage modules:

The Essential is a light gauge steel module (as in the photograph), with a 50mm ESP core panel, whilst the Standard is a 5mm powder coated rolled frame with an 80mm PIR core panel. The Essential is available as 19’, the Standard can be up to 3.1m wide and 6.5mm (10’ x 21’) long. The Standard can be tripled stacked and longer if required, but this length optimises transport.

Both types can be bolted together to create a larger enclosed space. Essential and Standard units have an outer face steel sheet thickness of 0.5mm encasing the insulated core, a 1mm outer sheet thickness can be specified.

The glass kiosks are offered either as 5.5m x 2.45m or can be combined to create a 5.5m x 4.9m unit. They can be pre-fitted with toilets, kitchenettes and if required pre foiled in graphics. Ideal for the car rental, franchised booth and security hut market.   

These unit are for sale only. Electric provision is on wall mounted but can be flush fitted with additional stud walling. All units are built to client specifications including security huts, welfare combined units and construction site accommodation pods.

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