Crofters Cabin

This 7.7m x 3.1m self-contained module is ideal for those who wish to offer all round year accommodation. Built on our rolled steel frame with galvanised steel insulation panels and having over 125mm of solid wall insulation, this is a lot of accommodation for a great price. Fitted with a personalised shower wall panel (client provided photo), electric hot water and shower (lpg available as well). The pitched roof and brass coloured gutters and down pipes set off the British Red Cedar cladding making the module look great in the countryside. The two bedside tower wardrobes offer great storage space. The full kitchen includes a combined hob and oven, fridge with ice box and a corner sink. The tower store is great for all the extras. With a British made timber floor, it will give guests a great stay. Priced at £24,888 ex Cambridgeshire compound plus 5% VAT and delivery. 

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