Residential Housing and Structural Skeletons

We have a BOPAS accredited structural system, which has successfully built out and sold with mortgages. Our core range is up to three storeys without the need for racking / bracing. The modules are point loading in the corners. The deflection calculations will determine module width verses length.

The modules have insulation in the floor cassette. We always recommend a secondary floor is fitted to take out any foundation discrepancy. The modules are structural, so the infill panels carry only their own weight. First fix is easy as all services can run within the ceiling / floor void. There is good sound insulation between floors, so ideal for apartments.

Residential, care home and office provision are right up our street. The system is called a Hybrid Construction System because we mix the values of traditional building with the advantages of off-site build up and volumetric fit out. The schemes we can undertake range from airspace to bungalows, townhouses to detached homes, care home provision to modular office.

◼ Development Opportunities

For developers wishing for an on-site structural skeleton for their own completion, our system is an ideal choice. Keeping skilled staff employed but taking out the natural delays in traditional construction.

Structural skeletons can be provided for off-site third party fit out, whether they are modules for chalets, care homes, classrooms, offices, apartments or healthcare. Craned into position from the truck, they offer an ideal solution where site time or noise constraints are critical.

  • We are not framework contractors but work alongside construction professionals.
  • We can provide architectural and structural engineering services.

An example of the speed advantage over fully traditional building techniques is this system was built off site as a skeleton with panels fitted (on site time – typical house 6 hrs skeleton, then traditional build out – 9 weeks for a typical 3 bedrooms house). Our experience has shown full volumetric is no quicker than the hybrid system, except for fully finished studio apartments where all services are self-contained.

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Modular Homes UK

With the growing demand for modular homes in the UK, people are searching using the term modular homes UK as to concentrate their search to the suppliers of modular homes supplied to UK homeowners.

The styles of home construction materials on offer which are built for customers include timber, concrete and steel. VRC Modular alongside its sister company VRC Homes with their BOPAS accreditation are at the forefront of delivering modular homes in the UK whether they are for the residential or social sector. The market for homes which are affordable is growing and by speeding the traditional build times down to weeks rather than months to deliver much needed accommodation, can only help in a positive way. Combined with the issue of the traditional labour supply being dependent on continuous work – which construction has had difficulty meeting – any system which makes the build an easier must be looked at seriously. The system from VRC Modular is designed to speed the build on site by keeping the structural part of the accommodation off site until required, then brought to site to be often fitted in a day and subject to the suppliers such as scaffolders being on site on their due date, the site is weather proof within the week. The system used by VRC Modular to deliver modular homes to the UK market is based on three components, which when assembled create the structure, whether it is a house, bungalow, care home, semi or detached house or even apartments. The three components are bottom and top cassettes, corner pillars and where needed galvanised steel panels. The nature of the modules when bolted together are strong enough to withstand earthquake conditions. The modules can be clad with a multiple range of materials which are able to be hung onto the steel straps running between the top and bottom frames. There is also the option to use a traditional brick or stone finish. As standard all the floor cassettes have a cement fibreboard floor fitted. This helps make the speed of build as there can be lower skilled craftsmen employed on the site than would be found with a traditional build. In the UK there is an increasing use of people from the social enterprise sector. They really appreciate the transparency of the build, particularly the way the build is a lot cleaner than a tradition block and brick build. The issue of items being missed – particularly insulation fill – is reduced as the site manager can see clearly the stages the build has got to. Often the appeal for those staff training on the building of residential accommodation is that they can be involved in meaningful construction, rather than being left to make the tea or the sweep up! So those clients who type into their search bar Modular Homes UK can be certain that VRC Modular alongside its sister company VRC Homes, will find the solution they have been looking for. Just find us at and may our partnership begin.

Modular Homes

The pace of development in house building around the world has been fantastic. Though we in the UK have followed a path around a traditional built home, there has over the last 50 years lots of options to build a home.

From timber frame – in all it’s good and bad forms – to cross laminated timber to concrete insulated forms, there has been a new option opening up the market. That is modular homes. The concept of modular homes gives builders greater flexibility to their method of construction. The modular homes of today can come as fully finished to site on the back of a truck or can be built partly off site and partly on site. The industry has taken a range of options to heart, so there is no one system which can deliver modular homes in its own right. VRC Modular is one such company pushing the boundary of speeding up the build times for accommodation construction. With their system of using the best of off site and mixing with the craftmanship of traditional the method used by VRC Modular to deliver their modular homes is one of using three components to create a structure. Namely the use of module cassettes – top and bottom- corner pillars and where and if required insulation panels.

The system is called a Hybrid build system. By teaming up with our sister company VRC Homes – who are BOPAS accredited, we can deliver a fast build system for those needing to build their project quickly. Our system is built out in weeks rather than months. Modular homes have the advantage of speed, but the system which VRC Modular uses also has the advantage of being able to be built to use lower skilled labour for much of the build. The system is ideal for those who wish to train newcomers to the world of construction through social enterprise organisations. The market is growing for homes, but due to the cycle of construction, the reduction of skilled staff post a downturn means that there is a lag in getting families into accommodation.

Building modular homes using the system used by VRC Modular means those staff in their early career days in the industry are able to feel that they have gainful employment and not just the sweepers up and tea fetchers! The VRC Modular system is a transparent build, so that site managers are able to keep close supervision of the required build make up. The modular homes which our sister company have built has proven that the concept of using a modular hybrid system works for both the contractor, the developer and most importantly the home occupier. We are proud that it is recognised the system VRC Modular offer to the modular homes market is one of the best methods to construct modular homes. If you wish to find out more about us and our system, you can look us up on our web site on the other hand if you think you fancy a fully kitted out home which you can move as and when required look on our wed site Whichever system you wish to build your accommodation, we wish you well.

Modular Housing UK

In the UK modular housing is growing at a fantastic speed, whether the modular housing delivered in the UK comes out of a factory or indeed made partly in a factory and finished off on site. It is the diversity of the systems on offer which makes the market for modular housing so exciting. Those looking to start their search by typing in modular housing UK cannot have found a better place to start the process of looking into which route to go.

VRC Modular combined with its sister company VRC Homes – who are BOPAS accredited – offer a system which is called a Hybrid build system. For those who wonder what the BOPAS accreditation means, it shows those who wish to finance the end housing that it has been built by a method and to a standard, – that is keeping the banks and building societies happy. The system VRC Modular use is made from three distinct components, namely a floor and roof cassette, corner pillars and insulated wall panels. When put together they form a module and several modules create a structure. The great advantage of our system is that the build is very transparent and that it lends itself to those who are learning the basic skill in the construction market. It is idea for social enterprises to consider as the worthwhile skill level is achieved quicker than by a traditional build method.

The system can be seen in more details at, but you can get a flavour of the system on our site where you will find other modular building options other than modular housing. The market for modular housing in the UK is diverse, but we feel our system is a great starting point to explore the options. The modules have been built into a wide range of structures from apartments, hotel rooms, houses, classrooms, through to modular food outlets and shopping kiosks. What many of the end customers like about our system of build is the lack of noise between floors and ceilings. This is because there is an air gap filled with slab insulation. We believe the use of our system in the UK modular housing market will increase as customers get to know the options to traditional building. The best way to fully understand the reason to use our system is to talk with us about your next project. So, if you think you should get another angle on the best options to build modular housing in the UK, email us or phone us. We can be contacted via email on or phone us on 01223459931.