A growing sector in a challenging market is the supply of modular kiosks and modular restaurants in the UK, for the pop-up modular minded companies who do not wish to be burdened with bricks and mortar establishments.

There are so many sectors within the retail sphere where brand concepts need to change to keep pace with the demands of a more driven consumer. Therefore, the clear option to flexibility in the space is to have a pop-up modular showcase.

VRC Modular can build bespoke outlets, so you do not have to confine your concept to the standard size ISO container. The factory can provide up to three storeys of your concept dreams. We can make them look like just another building on the retail map by adding brick slips for effect, though maybe a foil graphic might be more of your style, the great advantage is that we can make the final unit look more presentable to the planning authorities. Interior fit out can be to your desired finish, so much so, we would like to think it can be as good as a brick and mortar building. The modular booths and kiosks open up new retail options for businesses who are wishing to expand but are reluctant to commit to high annual multi-year rental. Why consider anything else which might cramp your style when the blank paper sheet awaits your pencil. The great bit is that once you desire to move on, either by adding space or locating to a better pitch, the module comes with you on the back of a truck. It is simple, straight forward and cost effective. So, whether you are a retail guru or restaurant provider, VRC Modular are the solution to your search for modular kiosks or modular catering outlets.

You can email us at mgp@vrcmodular.co.uk. They come with great insulation levels so lowering the cost to you and the environment. We can help with design suggestions, what we cannot do is tell you how to run your business. Whatever your requirements we are sure we can develop a cost-effective solution to your trading needs. We await your creative thoughts.