Vista Pods and Adult Mobility Care

Two markets, one concept. The provision of bedroom with bathroom.

◼ Vista Pod

Vista Pod is an extra bedroom space for venues and hotels, which are needing to manage peak demand. These pods have a fabulous vista through the 3.2m wide bi-fold door, allowing the glories of their surroundings to be enjoyed by guests. With a 2.8m internal depth with a 4.5m wide bedroom and 2m by 1.5m bathroom. Built internally using craftsmen who build out some of the most prestigious hotel rooms, with a luxury 2,000 pocks sprung bed, 4k 43” television and hand-made wardrobes.

◼ Adult Mobility Care Unit

Our adult mobility care unit (3.3m x 6.8m) is a simplified version of our Vista Pod, built to last with ultra-tough Habito plasterboard. Craned to the back of a home, giving the occupant the opportunity to stay at home and not go into long term care. A great way for councils to reduce adult social care costs, by allowing those with less acute medical conditions from needing care home provision. Designed to exceed space standards, giving carers room to work.

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