About VRC Modular

We specialise in flat packed and erected modules including oversized ISO containers

Our product range covers single standalone units to multiple units to create large structural skeletons. Covering the airspace, accommodation, camping, glamping, homeless, leisure, kiosk, office, residential, retail booth, security, storage, toilet / shower block and farm or lifestyle diversification markets, VRC Modular have a team to meet client needs. So, whether you are a wedding venue needing more accommodation, a holiday park requiring extra toilet blocks, or a landowner wanting to be part of a franchise for luxury hotel space in the countryside, we can help you.

We have a factory capable of producing 500 galvanised rolled steel modules per month. VRC have worked in Europe and Africa with the system. The system comprises of a bottom cassette made with cold rolled steel and a cement fibre-board floor sheet, a top cassette with corner eyelets and ceiling grid, four corner pillars and if required a galvanised steel sandwich panel with either a mineral wool or PIR centre. Panel thickness is from 50mm, with either outer face micro rib or mini box profile and inner face smooth. A range of colours are available so a rainscreen profile is possible. A foil wrap coating (as we finish off our folding units) can be used both internally and externally. Galvanised steel thickness of up to 1mm on the outer face is possible for extra security if required.

About the Modules

Built from 3mm to 10mm rolled steel, either standard or galvanised powder coated frames with cement fibre floors. The modules can be used for creating multiple structures including residential housing, from apartments, bungalows, care homes, townhouses, to semi and detached homes. They can also be used for airspace and above car park developments and pontoon mounted for on water designs. They provide quick and affordable accommodation with our Eco modules for equine grooms, farming and horticultural staff, along with homeless families right up to large scale construction and mining camps.

Their use as storage containers, office accommodation, car rental kiosks, security huts, retail sales booths and dog grooming parlours, show their versatility. Building both toilet and shower units for disabled and able-bodied use, as well as kitchen and dining facilities for long term or temporary use, gives clients options to tailor their purchase to their needs.

⊕ Additional tailor-made hotel accommodation from our Vista Pod hotel rooms allow venues additional revenue streams from rooms in the park. They are available with bespoke designs to complement the venue’s theme.

⊕ We also have a range of specialised ISO units including solar power generation containers, including battery storage units, chemical waste containers and mini factory production containers.

If there is a concept / product idea which requires enclosure and we have not listed above, please be in contact as we are always interested in broadening our horizons.